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    How to setup Oddcast

    The following instructions are a step by step guide to configuring

    1. Download Oddcast :

    2. Install Oddcast :
    When your installing you will be offered some 'components to install'. The first three boxes are going to be ticked but you must also tick 'LAME encoder dll' aswell. This will ensure you can stream in MP3 format that everyone is compatible with.

    3. Install LAME encoder dll :
    Towards the end of installing oddcast a message box will pop up informing you that you must install a file called 'lame_enc.dll' into your Oddcast program directory (usually c:\program files\OddcastV3). Click NO as you can downoad the file here :
    Copy the file into your oddcast program directory (usually c:\program files\ OddcastV3).

    4. Load Oddcast :
    Click the desktop or start menu shortcut for oddcast to load it.

    5. Adding oddcast encoder :
    Click 'Add Encoder' on oddcast. This will add an entry in the white box below, double click on this to configure it.

    6. Configuring encoders 'Basic Settings' :

    Bitrate: 128 tick use bitrate
    samplerate: 44100
    channels: 2
    Encoder Type: MP? Lame
    Server Type: Icecast2
    server IP:
    Server port:30075
    Encorder Password:*
    Mountpoint: /live
    Reconnect: 10

    Then go to YP settings at the top:
    Public Server: tick box
    Stream Description: Name of show
    Stream URL: Level-1Radio
    Stream URL:
    Stream Genre:

    Then go to the top again and pick Advanced settings.
    This is where you can record an MP? of a WAV of your set/show.
    then hit OK

    Nearly there now...

    your all set up to stream, all you need is an input and some sound!!
    From your mixer's output run a cable to your laptop / pc Line-in.

    Stick a tune on and pick Line-in in the drop-down box next to the picture of the MIC in oddcast.
    You may have to play with the 2 drop-down box's in oddcast to get the correct signal.
    You will know when you have a good signal by the flashing peak Meter.

    After you have the correct signal in oddcast, hit connect.... you should now be streaming.
    (if not, try a re-start)
    Any problems please contact a Moderator or Admin.
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    We have a lot of new djs and shows on Level-1

    Instead of me using a day on sending pm's to them all, I will post the information here..

    Ez All streaming crews..

    There are a few simple things that you can do to make sure that your show's levels don't peak like mad..

    Firstly ALWAYS do a soundcheck before going live... Oddcast has its own peak meter and you can adjust the fader below this to adjust the level you come through at thus giving yourself more headroom for those tracks that do just peak that little bit more..

    Check the level that your line in is set to on your soundcard as well you don't want this set to max. Keep an eye on the oddcast levels and the levels on your dj mixer throughout the show.. remember Green is good RED is Bad.. this isn't a joke people will hear the difference and the distortion.

    Remember as this is being broadcast digitally, that any clipping of the signal will result in distortion.. not the usual "warming up of the sound" that would result in purely analogue gear. 0db is really all that is needed there is no need to red line. As a rule of thumb when you put one of your loudest tracks on, if you make sure there is no red showing in the peak meter for oddcast then you should be fine the entire show. If you're coming through a little bit quiet for the listeners it's easier for them to turn the volume up at their end than it is
    for you to do at yours.

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    New server info ...

    Enter this information into your encoder software to perform a live broadcast:

    Server Hostname:
    Server Port: 30075
    Server Type: IceCast
    Mount Point: /live
    Bitrate: 192
    Source Password: ***ask admin***

    Your tune-in links are now:

    Winamp, iTunes
    Windows Media Player
    Real Player
    Web Proxy

    The stations start page in internet-radio's directory's is:
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