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Thread: Masstech Pa

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    Skull Masstech Pa

    Dj Tech
    Mc Massacre

    The story:
    Masstech came into being after a meeting at Charlie Browns Club in Luton back in 1995.
    I was booked to play for the club and I was introduced to Andy (Mc Massacre).
    We started to hang around together, and Andy was well keen to add his lyrics to music any chance he got. I hadn't had much experience with Mc's in the past, all I knew was they made loads of noise wile I was in the middle of a complicated mix.. and I hated that, but in the same breath I also knew that they were the key to getting people off there asses, and then to boost there confidence on the floor... So to start with... a few rules in place I think, starting with..
    1:No chatting when im in the mix...
    2:im in charge of the mixer Volume (a battle we fort for many years) lol

    Andy was a first class Mc without any doubt at all, and so many parties we went to he blew the other Mc's right out the club / field.
    Andy use to be able to just walk into a venue and just start chatting about the people he could see, the cloths they wore.. it really was a first class treat every time we played out.
    Most of the time I was in my Bubble (just thinking and concentrating about what I was doing)
    but I would pop in and out of my bubble to check out what he was saying, and testing the vibe of the crowed, and every time I did he was drooping ether the safest,funniest lyrics i had heard.
    We seemed to attract a very tribal type of dancer / follower, im not sure if this was down to the music I was playing, the joint effort of me and Andy, or the fact that 1 of the main parties we played for was Exodus (the most tribal party on the planet).
    We soon ended up with a crew of dancers that came with us to most of our bookings, they were called “The Dusty Boot Crew”

    Parties played at:
    Teknical Disturbance
    Temple of sound
    Techno Beat
    Teeth out
    Club intimate
    Mr Whippy
    BadBoy FM
    Tunnel crew
    Lara's house
    Tribe of Twat
    About time
    Universal Vibe
    Bound n gagged
    Milk the chicken
    Master of Imagination
    Sunday worship
    Room 303
    Rumble club
    Tribal warm up

    Venues played:
    Bagley's London
    Q club Birmingham
    Milwaukees Bedfordshire
    Cedars palace Luton
    Temple of sound Wigan
    33 Arts centre Luton
    Wagon n horses Dunstable
    The crown Dunstable
    Lakota Bristol
    Bowes Stevenage
    Electrowerkz London
    Sub-Club Luton
    Metropolis Sudbury
    Club Brazillia Bury st Edmunds
    Traxx Hitchin
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