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    19th August 2006

    Deviant Mix - Raping Pigs With Spoons

    Quote Originally Posted by tribaleditor
    Ezze Deviant, well.. what can i say.....
    Is this a gander at your live set i take it?
    Am burning it 2 Cd right now (ready 4 me cab 2night)
    Sounds wicked mate
    Gutted you wont be hear 4 the first T.E.D-live show mate!!
    But you will defo have to come n play when your back in the uk
    Loads of power in this... love to hear it live in a club!!

    I fully recommed every1 downloads this right NOW!!
    Quote Originally Posted by tribaleditor
    right.. didn't relize this was a dj set lol...
    Need to hear "your stuff" mate (well i do)

    p.s good set
    Quote Originally Posted by Deviant
    Hehe, i WISH i wrote all those tunes.... nah, just a dj set im afraid.

    Have u found out exactly when this party is gonna be yet T? if its anytime after the 10th i may well be about to play coz new home/job have cut my travelling plans short for this year

    Keep us posted innit.
    Quote Originally Posted by chilli99
    just listening to this now, will post a link on my local forum, sounds good!


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    5th September 2006

    mmmmmmm bangin m8

    don't suppose i could get the track listin per chance it turned me on a treat!!!!!!!!!!

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    3rd September 2006
    Right, seeing as i've now had about three or four requests for the tracklisting so i'll go grab me bag (fnar fnar!) here goes...

    1. tomas vs filterheadz - I love techno - SILO
    2. Marco bailey - against winter (dj preach mix) - MB ELEKTRONICS
    3. Sebrok + stereo jack - music (eric sneo mix) - KIDDAZ .FM
    4. Riders - Tubetech (eric sneo mix) T:CLASSIXXX
    5. Redhead - The darkness (tom hades mix) - MB ELEKTRONICS
    6. Megamind - Taub - E.M.F
    7. Southsoniks - Ars Longa - SCANDIUM
    8. John Starlight - blood angels - SUPERDJ
    9. Empirion - Narcotic Influence - WANTED
    10. The End - Tubetech - T:CLASSIXXX
    11. Ant + Lennydee - The K.E.P side A - POWERTOOLS
    12. Dj Rush - My palazzo (unsure which mix - BEATDISASTER
    13. Ant + Rackitt - Surge - POWERTOOLS
    14. Dave shokh - White spider - KIDDAZ .FM
    15. Ant + Lennydee - The K.E.P side b - POWERTOOLS

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    5th September 2006


    Yo it's been a while just remembered this mix but can't download it anymore. Any chance of a link for the download? P.s thanks for the track list



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