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    LAST EVER Inferno Sessions Show 11-06-12 Nubreaks Radio


    Inferno Sessions Radio Show with SK-2.. recorded live from Nubreaks Radio on 11th June 2012

    Yep thats right, this is the last Inferno Sessions show!! The last 5 years have been amazing but I feel it is time for me to move on, I just don't have time in my ife at the moment to commit to a scheduled timeslot but will still be uploading regular podcasts to my podomatic & soundcloud pages & will of course still frequent the Nubreaks chatroom so make sure ya say wassssup!!

    INFERNO SESSIONS SHOW TRACKLISTING - Best of the last 5 years!! 11/06/12

    2. DOGTOWN CLASH - WEST LONDON'S BURNING (Beat Assassins mix) Westway
    3. WAX EQUESTRIAN - ZIGZAG (Dopamine remix) Wut Eva
    4. CUT & RUN - BROOKYLN BANGER Cut & Run
    5. QUADRAT BEAT - BLACKJACK (Original mix) Expand Records
    6. KWERK - DON'T STOP Kick It Recordings
    7. NUBOY - AWHAT? (Eshericks remix) En:Vision Recordings
    8. HARDNOISE - SUNSHINE (Original mix) Distorsion Records
    9. FATBOY SLIM - STAR 69 (Rogue Element remix) Skint Records
    10. HARDNOISE - AWAY (B-Phreak remix) Hard & Hits
    11. ROB RENG - SOLARIZE Ruff Dog Recordings
    12. PLUMP DJ'S - LIGHT FANTASTIC Grand Hotel Records
    13. DJ FEN - READY (Original mix) Spektra Recordings
    14. NAPT - N-FUNK Sub Frequency Funk
    15. CRISP BISCUIT - AMEN Crisp Biscuit
    16. SQUATTER - THEY'RE IN MY BOWELS (Strider remix) Control Breaks
    17. DR. FISH - INFLUENZA (Access Denied remix) V.I.M. Breaks
    18. KID DIGITAL - DONE WITH THAT (Colombo remix) Hardcore Beats
    19. FREESTYLERS feat. MILLION DAN - BOOMBLAST (Deekline & Wizard feat. Yolande remix) Against The Grain
    20. REFRACTURE - JAHOVAH (The Revamp) Dusted Breaks
    21. DYLAN RHYMES - I AM SWEET (Ctrl Z remix) Lot 49
    22. THE BRAINKILLER - LA PUTA (Original mix) Funn Dark Records
    23. BSD - HOPINESS (Original mix) Mental Machine Muzik
    24. HARDY HARD & LADY WAKS feat. MR X - MINIMAL (Rogue Element remix) Menu Music
    25. ROCK MASSIVE - YOU KNOW WHY (PH Electro mix) Armada Music
    26. WAYS AND MEANS - SATIVA SISTER (Original mix) Audio 23
    27. ELECTRIC SOULSIDE - SOUL ON FIRE Diablo Loco Records
    28. ENCODE - MAGIC POINTS Breed 12 Inches

    Download the whole show from my podcast page at DOWNLOAD HERE

    or from

    or listen at

    BIIIGUPPSS to each & every one of you that have ever listened to the show or downloaded the podcasts.. See ya all real soon!!
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